Wise Inquisition

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- 20 years of living
- Semi-vegitarian
- I'm just trying to do all that I can before I go..

Green Coffins ft. @Blowin_Doejah (Prod. @Cadillac_CAT )..No more tracks like this other than Valet Parking..but then it’s a new move.

Black Pilots League-Fly Intentions (Prod. Wise Inquisition & @Cadillac_CAT )

I’m trying to start my cartoon up,I can’t pay at the moment but in the future I will be able too, if your interested message me & I’ll tell you more about the cartoon.

Wilson Wright-Executive Brass(Cover)

Wilson Wright- Hangover(Cover Mf Doom’s High John)

Needed some time away from VA, I figured it would be some interesting things coming up also.